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Marinko Matosevic is one of Australia’s leading pro tennis players. A tenacious, determined player, earning him the nickname “Mad Dog Matosevic”, Marinko has etched his name firmly on both the Australian and world tennis playing stage.

Currently ranked Australian number 2 in singles; world number 62 in singles; world number 201 in doubles; and, holding nine ATP Challenger and Futures titles, Marinko is continuing his progression up the world rankings.

Beginning playing tennis at the age of 10, Marinko has been coached by Jay Salter at the Universal Tennis Academy (Uten) in Melbourne since the age of 13. Respected throughout tennis circles for his drive, skilful determination and spirited enthusiasm,

Marinko is being closely watched by both loyal fans and those in the tennis fraternity. I like tennis and I am a loyal fans of Marinko Matosevic, that’s why I made this website.

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